The Roles

Starring YOU as....?


You can be anyone from the valiant hero to the cowardly villain – and anything and anyone in between. You can even be an observer who takes no direct lead in things but tells us all what happened. This is your story so you set the limits on what can happen to your character – even if that character is you, yourself – and then see where the tale takes you…



Faithful Companion


Master/Mistress (or opposite role)

Eternal Innocent





Scientist (mad or otherwise)

Wizard, witch or warlock

The Genres


Select a genre for the tale and the broad sub-genre that you want to appear in. Choose ‘horror’ for example and then pick the style of horror tale you want to see yourself take part in. There are no limits in the fictional world…

Science Fiction

Space travel, computers, a dystopian future, a flooded world, the return of the Triffids, everything available as a pill, unexpected wormholes, forcibly limited lifespans, time travel


The usual cast – vampires, Frankenstein and Igor, werewolves, zombies, Freddy and Jason, suddenly rabid pets, the very human serial killer, the very inhuman serial killer, suddenly intelligent babies

Urban Fantasy

A shy guy/girl and his/her coming of age, an influx of traveller types, a mystical once-a-year fairground, the old recluse and rumours of his/her skills, buildings (dis)appearing overnight


Classic boy meets girl, families clashing, the gallant knight, the (truly) hopeless romantic, differing musical styles and tastes combining (new romantics and punks), hero worship on TV or film or radio, dreams come true


Twenty-five Shades of Grey, first timers, exhibitionism – direct or accidental, submission and dominance, spanking, stripping, role play, masks and ties, blindfolds, orgies, unplanned entry into the sensual world

Faux-factual and Biography

The career commentary, romance and marriage commentary, the hero or heroine’s story, a century of memories, ‘on this day’ historical facts, full-on non-fiction biography or similar as a ghosted auto-biography


Closed door mystery, the annoyingly lucky private eye, the bank job, hijack, ransom, computer fraud, remote castles, a day in the life of a washed up detective, a cat burglar

Murder Mystery

A different closed door mystery, where there’s a will, everyday person solving the crime, an apparent accident, a thousand suspects, a very public execution – with no apparent culprit


Bumbling characters in one of many roles (student to retiree), ‘how to’ guides, comedian, ludicrous coincidences, hopeless wannabe, embarrassing circumstances


A world of fantasy and adventure, elves, goblins, sword and sorcery, a doorway from our world, dragons, knights and jousting, talking pets, a space haven


Magic, dragons. swords and sorcery, friends and teams, sports, junior detectives, growing up and aims in life, mystery men and women, goosebumps

Story Outlines


Pick any one of these types of story or create your own fantastical tale. Nothing is impossible so follow your dream, select the tale that suits you in that mystical, unreal world. Discuss the style and the possibilities with one of our writing team to make sure that you find what you are really looking for – and then leave them to create a tale that will be as much a surprise to you as it is to those you later share it with. Remain anonymous or use your own name for the character you play in the story. This is Your fiction and Your story, so remember – the tales listed below are suggestions and if you already have your own idea of the story you want told, then tell us all about it. This is the land of fiction and anything is possible – you can be anyone you want to be and you can do anything you want to do – the choice is yours and yours alone…

First settlers (and what is lost/missed)

Inventor of a miracle cure

A sullen vampire fed up with so many modern stories

Targeting a celebrity – (fictional, to avoid permission-seeking)

King (or Queen) of the manor

Period drama, a bodice ripper (or rippee)

First time experimenter to brighten a relationship

An unexpected hidden identity

A meteor strike/Armageddon scenario

Global warming takes hold – flooding/freezing/heatwave

Masked party

The rise and fall and rise of a business/concept

The tale of a champion – sporting/medieval/charity boss

Rights campaigner with a dark secret

Murder on the Leyton Orient terraces

An antique mirror which shows two reflections of the owner

The elf twins – and why toilet paper layers have exactly the same tear-off serrations – normally

Lord Chatterley’s lover

The magician’s assistant

The trendy phobic

The luckiest man/woman in the world – or a bank robber

Lost in the woods

My day(s) as a cat/dog/pet or otherwise

A curiosity awakens – after all sorts of possibilities

Eighteen again (or back to a specific point in the hero’s/heroine’s lifetime)

The surprise wake

Lottery ticket hide-and-seek

My pet dragon

A ghost in the machine

The marriage from hell (or heaven, for real fiction)

My surprise allocation of the starring role in a film

My discovery of aliens walking amongst us

The windfall

The day I met….

An unexpected talent